Right Revenue helped Silverbirch drive a strong revenue culture



Many of the daily tasks associated with revenue management were manual and time-consuming for the team, which did not include a dedicated revenue manager.

Whilst the owners and management of the hotel were satisfied with the hotel’s overall performance, they recognised that there was an opportunity for growth and felt that the hotel could drive revenue by moving to a more dynamic pricing model.

They had identified that, although wedding business was a top-performing segment for them in terms of room sales, this sometimes came at the expense of a strong average room rate and they wanted to consider the impact of improved rate strategies across additional segments. They therefore wanted to focus on increasing ADR across the business, with a strategic decision to attract more transient business.



The team at Silverbirch feel that Right Revenue has helped to drive a ‘Revenue Culture’ throughout the business. This meant, crucially, that not only did the team know what they were trying to achieve but they also understood why. All departments had access to the relevant data, presented in an understandable way. This was crucial in getting the team to ‘buy in’ to the direction the hotel wanted to move.

Having access to Right Revenue frees up staff’s time on a daily basis, allowing them to focus on core tasks and, in some cases, on more strategic elements such as the segmentation shift.

Crucially the hotel has also seen a direct return on investment and the system has aided them in driving revenue straight to the bottom line.

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What the Team Say

What Right Revenue Say

The team at the Silverbirch are an absolute joy to work with. Both the hotel and team epitomise our industry at its best – that being, an independent, family-run hotel who have a hard-working team that are passionate about their customers and passionate about learning new techniques. It was such a pleasure to support their whole team through a new revenue process and they continue to amaze us with their absolute passion for revenue! They are quite literally the perfect hotel partner and we are looking forward to working with and supporting them for many years to come.

Adrienne Hanna, Founder & CEO, Right Revenue