We’ll drive revenue to your bottom line

Using Right Revenue to forecast demand; make strategic rate recommendations and present all your business KPI’s will not only save your valuable team members time but will add profit
straight to your bottom line.

And our competitive pricing structure means there will be a clear Return on Investment with an average double-digit revenue growth.

We are committed to fair pricing. Our price is customised according to the needs and size of your hotel.

More time. More money. Get started today.

How does our pricing work:

  • You pay a fixed fee, every month
  • If you are not happy, you can cancel at anytime

Included in the price:

  • Rate recommendations – delivered to your PMS
  • Reporting modules with all of your KPI’s delivered in one dashboard
  • Daily demand forecast for two years in advance
  • Group pricing analysis tool
  • Competitor rate shopping (optional)
  • Unlimited users, access anytime, anywhere


  • 2 way integration with your Property Management system
  • Installation, training and onboarding
  • Unlimited customer support

Not ready yet?

Get started with free access to our Calculate Hub.

An intuitive and easy to use set of Calculator style tools to assist you in analysing your business.

Understand cost of sale, understand profitability.