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How to keep the ‘stay’ in Staycation

How to keep the ‘stay’ in Staycation (and just a little tip… you might like to read right to the bottom as we have something very special for you…) When you start a business, people who evaluate your idea tend to ask you the same four questions What problem are you solving? How do you […]

A Daily Revenue Management Check-list

A Daily Revenue Management Check-List If you aren’t lucky enough to have a Revenue Management System then here is our easy to follow guide on what you should be considering every day… Revenue Daily Check-List Review last night.  How did you end up compared to how you believed you were going to perform?  More or […]

When every penny counts, why are we still not getting the basics right?

When every penny counts, why are we still not getting the basics right? The last few weeks since opening have been a roller-coaster for us all. Within our portfolio, we have hotels citing their ‘best ever August’ and other hotels struggling to make double-digit occupancy. But no matter where you ‘fit’ in this scenario, we […]

We are hiring!

Want to work for a company that is going places in the best industry ever? We are hiring! Sales Manager –  UK & Ireland About us Right Revenue is a Northern Ireland-based software company that provides Data Analysis, Demand Forecasting & Rate Recommendation Software Solution, designed specifically for the Hospitality Sector. We are based in […]

‘Ask The Expert’ and An Offer for You

We are super excited to announce the next in our series of Ask The Expert events and we have none other than the phenomenal Oonagh Cremins! Oonagh is not only the owner of hospitality consultancy company, The Innovate Rooms but she also holds the prestigious position of President of the Irish Hospitality Institute. Please save […]

A positive outlook for your M&E business

This week I read a really interesting article featuring the President and CEO of Marriott, Arne Sorenson and if any of you follow interviews with Arne, you will know that he has repeatedly said that the impact of Covid-19 is worse than 9-11, the tech bubble crash and the 2008 financial crash combined. But this […]

A unique time to take back control of the OTA’s

A unique time to take back control of the OTA’s I have written many times that I believed that the biggest threat to our industry was the control of the OTA’s (turns out however, I was wrong and Covid-19 gazumped me on that!). But if there is a tiny glimmer of light through this terrible […]

Helping Hotels prepare for a better future

3 for Free Here at Right Revenue, we understand that supporting each other through this terrible time and planning for a bright future is critical. To help hotels prepare for a ‘new normal’ and to ensure that they are in the best shape possible for better days ahead, we have come up with two great […]

Getting past the ‘C’ word

Getting past the ‘C’ word I don’t know about you, but I am a little bit jaded hearing the ‘C’ word and the ‘F’ word and for those who may have been living under a stone, they are of course ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Furlough’. Both very depressing words in our industry right now and a worrying […]

What might our ‘new normal’ look like?

What might our ‘new normal’ look like? These are terrible times, maybe even the worst of times… After terrible tragedies such as 9/11, the London bombings or even the 2008 recession, we all had reference points to work from. We all knew roughly what might happen and for how long. But COVID-19 is unprecedented and […]