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Designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry, Right Revenue will help maximise every revenue opportunity and add profit straight to the bottom line.

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Right Revenue makes pricing decisions straightforward

With all the considerations we need to make, pricing decisions may seem over-whelming and complicated, but the solution doesn’t have to be….

Right Revenue offers a system that is user-friendly, flexible and most importantly, accurate – helping you make those all important decisions on pricing – all with the goal of increasing profitability.

Designed by a Revenue Manager with over 20 years experience, our modular system allows you to tailor-make your revenue journey.

Right Shop

Before making that final rate decision, our competitor rate shopping module, Right Shop enables instant competitor analysis and will allow you to view how your competitors are selling and the overall demand within your market.

Right Events

Our Events Module will allow you to make informed decisions on whether groups or tours should be accepted or declined based on whether or not they would displace higher rates business, therefore ensuring you always gain maximum profit.

Right Update

Make your rate decisions in Right Revenue and these decisions can be immediately uploaded to your PMS, brand website or channel manager – ensuring that both your sales team and your distribution channels have a consistent rate strategy.

Right Dashboard

Not only will this module display your own Key Performance Indicator’s but also competitor set information, events in your local area, your social media score and your position on Trip Advisor – all in one easy to read and bespoke dashboard.

Right Revenue – Designed by a Revenue Manager for Revenue Managers

We remove the pain from all of those pricing decisions by providing accurate forecasting and business tracking. Running hundreds of calculations each day, Right Revenue will make accurate rate recommendations based on internal business trends & analysis whilst also examining external trends such as your hotel’s competitive set, events in your area and even your ranking on Social Media.

Right Revenue recommends price changes allowing hotels to manage their selling rates, gives access to detailed reports and analytics and will ensure you sell the right rate, at the right time, to the right person and for the right length of stay – all with the goal of adding profit to your bottom line.

All the cleverness goes on within the Right Revenue analytical module, which takes dozens of metrics into consideration but the result to you, the hotelier, is clear and accurate business recommendations, presented in a user friendly way.

We remove the pain from all of those pricing decisions by providing accurate forecasting and business tracking.

Right Track

Right Revenue interfaces to industry leading Property Management Systems and can therefore produce in-depth analysis on revenue, average room rate, RevPar, occupancy and performance against budget on current business and previous years. Providing detailed business comparisons, growth and business impacts are tracked.

Do you really understand how the OTA’s are affecting your business? How commission cheques are affecting your cost of sale? Right Track will analyse how each booking channel is performing allowing you to easily monitor the business impact of individual channels and their cost.

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