Right Revenue helped Lough Eske Castle increase their revenue by 10%

Few hotels say luxury like Lough Eske Castle…


  • The hotel has a highly-skilled Revenue Manager in situ and they wanted to ensure that they benefited from her experience. It was important that less time was spent collating and disseminating reports and that their Revenue Manager could concentrate on the hotel’s long-term strategy.
  • With a very busy hotel and ever-changing market demand, the hotel needed to ensure that they were on top of their revenue decisions – especially with longer lead times.
  • The team needed the ability to offer flexible pricing to their customers and to move away from traditional rate banding.
  • The hotel needed a system which would present all of their data in one place and which would give them a snapshot view of the hotel at any given time.


Customer Benefits

The whole team are delighted at how the implementation of Right Revenue’s software is working for them at the hotel. They are already benefiting in a number of ways:

  • More flexible pricing, alongside accurate forecasting has enabled the hotel to exceed budget by a phenomenal 10% in the first 5 months of 2022.  This 10% growth has been directly attributed to a move away from traditional rate bands and onto a more dynamic pricing strategy.
  • The dashboard provides an easy-to-use snapshot of the business KPIs and can be accessed at any time.  
  • Dashboard graphs give a simplified view of a particular month and help identify areas which the Revenue Manager needs to look at in more detail and action effectively.
  • The ability to drill from a year overview to a monthly overview to a daily overview with problem areas highlighted makes the work of the revenue manager a lot more efficient and allows them to spend more time on other tasks related to their role.
  • Data can easily be switched so you can compare not only by rate code but by market segment, business source, room type etc at the click of a button.  
  • The ability to compare booking pace with only not previous years but bespoke time periods, allows for more in-depth analysis, showing booked date versus stay date, and is especially important given the recent pandemic and changes to booking lead times.
  • The ability to export data to CSV file allows for information to be pasted into the hotel’s pre-existing reports and saves having to run multiple reports via the PMS which was time-consuming. 
  • The rate recommendations coming from Right Revenue’s software, allows Lough Eske Castle to maximise their rates in an efficient manner. The use of ‘high/medium and low’ priority rate changes means that the Revenue Manager can concentrate on the dates which need urgent attention.

Why Right Revenue?

What the Team Say

What Right Revenue Say

As a team, we are absolutely privileged to work with the amazing Lough Eske Castle. Not only is it one of the most exclusive hotels in Europe, but they have one of the most fantastic and passionate teams.  It is a joy to work with their Revenue Manager but more than that, the whole hotel understands the importance of a strong revenue culture and it was refreshing to have the whole Management Team engaging with our software.

We all very much hope to continue a long and successful partnership with Lough Eske Castle as they continue to benefit from our solution and we continue to benefit from their amazing feedback.

Adrienne Hanna, Founder & CEO, Right Revenue