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3 for Free

Here at Right Revenue, we understand that supporting each other through this terrible time and planning for a bright future is critical.

To help hotels prepare for a ‘new normal’ and to ensure that they are in the best shape possible for better days ahead, we have come up with two great offers:

The first is our 3 for Free offer:

We believe that great revenue decisions will be the foundation on which our hoteliers come through Covid-19 and beyond. This is a time when we all need to rely on data to adjust to the challenges of selling to new segments; new price points; adjusted lead times & a fundamental shift in buying behaviour for some time to come…

We understand that costs are a paramount concern, so we would like to offer 3 months use of our software completely free. No delayed payments, no set-up fees, zero installation & absolutely zero risk.

Let us help you build new rate strategies to new markets & with new functionality being added rapidly (designed specifically with this epidemic in mind) we are confident that our forecasting, reporting & rate recommendations will support you and your whole team.

The second offer is that we recognise that many hotels and Guest Houses may not have integration to a PMS or may not be ready for a full Revenue Management Solution just now. So we have come up with a suite of reports that you can use daily without the need for a full revenue system:

1 – Cost of occupied room calculator – we work out all costs, fixed and variable – and help hotels understand how much a room is costing, which in turn will help you understand profitability from one month to another

2 – Rate calculator – with a few simple clicks, we can help you understand the impact of selling a rate at e.g. £100.00 and how much profit you will make if sold at that price or if you increase or decrease.  We also allow all departments to be advised of the rate set-up automatically

3 – Group displacement calculator – a really useful tool to help teams understand whether a group request is actually a good piece of business or not to take, and what will add revenue to the bottom line or even displace higher rated business.

These reports will also be added into our full revenue system with an extra layer of clever forecasting and predictive metrics.

We have shown these calculator reports to some of the industries leading professionals and the feedback has been phenomenal. And we are happy to offer all 3 for just £59.00 per month.

At Right Revenue our whole company ethos is to assist the industry that we are passionate about & we hope that this offer goes some way to show our commitment to you.

If you would like further details on any of the above, please just email ask@rightrevenue.wpengine.com or call 028 9099 8866

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