Home \ Blog change tactics – again! change tactics – again! The threat continues… Just when you through your relationship (and I use that word tentatively as no relationship should be one-sided) with couldn’t get any worse, well it has… This morning announced that they will be offering your Genius Rates (which as you know, you have very little […]

Metrics that measure up!

Metrics that measure up! As Revenue Professionals, we all understand the power of numbers. We love data, we live for data and often we can drown in data… During these blogs and our webinars, we have often addressed the issue of really diving deep into your figures and getting the very best metric for you, […]

End of an era, but what can we learn from it?

End of an era, but what can we learn from it? September was a bad month for the travel industry with the collapse of both Thomas Cook as well as Amoma. Not only have thousands of travellers been left stranded but thousands of people sadly lost their jobs. Where most hoteliers were sympathetic towards Thomas […]

Top Revenue Tips You Can Apply To Your Business Today

We are excited to announce our first in a series of Webinars on 10 September at 11.00am BST. The subject is ‘Top Revenue Tips That You Can Apply To Your Business Today’ and it promises to be a game-changer! We promise a fun and interactive session, where you won’t just hear from industry leaders but […]

Are you ready for the ‘Alternatives?’

Are you ready for the ‘Alternatives?’ This week, there has been further confirmation from two very well respected bodies (not just me, ranting about what I think will happen in our industry but actual cold, hard facts) and I thought it was worth bringing this back to the table. The first is Alternative Accommodation. A […]

RFP season is almost upon us, so what are the new threats for our Corporate business

RFP season is almost upon us, so what are the new threats for our Corporate business? The traditional RFP season is almost upon us and whilst contracting can happen at any time, we are all used to the manic few weeks that is ‘RFP season’. There have, as you all know, been a lot of […]

Loyalty… what exactly does that mean?

Loyalty… what exactly does that mean? Loyalty… it’s a funny word that has different meanings to different people and definitely has all of us hoteliers scratching our heads at how we ‘get it’, how we ‘keep it’ and even what ‘it’ actually is! I recently had a conversation with a very respected hotel owner from […]

Are you ready for SCA?

Are you ready for what might be our next big disruptor – SCA? Just when you thought you had gotten your head around GDPR, along comes Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)! Are you ready? Do you understand how this will impact your business? If the answer is no, then you are not alone… This extra layer […]

Your Summer Revenue Check-list

Your Summer Revenue Check-list For most hotels, Summer is the absolute busiest time of the year. Your properties are buzzing; full of excited guests in holiday mode, which means that for most of us, we have teams that are running around like headless chickens! No matter what country, city or town you are in, we […]

Take back control of your OTA contracts

Review your OTA contracts and start to take back control This week I had the privilege of speaking at a Hotel Federation event organised by the Northern Ireland Hotel Federation and my subject was ‘how to increase profitability’. As you can imagine, this was a huge and slightly daunting subject and with only 45 minutes […]