Right Revenue helped Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa with bespoke reporting, saving hours a day



The team at the hotel faced a number of revenue management challenges:

  •  The hotel team sometimes struggled to find the information they needed to help them work in a systematic way. They used to spend hours each day collating information into spreadsheets and running reports from their previous PMS.
  • Due to the strong demand for the hotel, they often found it very difficult to assign time to study competitor pricing and therefore assess their position in the market.
  • They also struggled to find the data they needed for detailed analysis as they had no proper revenue process in place at the property.
  • The process for understanding and aligning a robust rate strategy and then actually implementing via their PMS, to their distribution channels was cumbersome and time-consuming.
  •  Overall they had limited extra time available on a regular basis to dedicate to such an important role within the hotel.


Customer Benefits

The Aghadoe Heights team is delighted at how the implementation of Right Revenue’s software is working for them at the hotel. They are already benefitting in a number of ways:

  • The revenue management software saves them hours each day by providing bespoke reporting with live data and all their business KPI’s are displayed in simple, straightforward dashboards.
  • They also now have a further insight into the business mix of the hotel and this enables them to focus more on who their customers are and where their bookings are coming from.
  • With the rate recommendations now coming from Right Revenue’s software, this allows them to maximise their rates which has added overall revenue to their bottom line. It has also allowed them to achieve over and above their annual budgets. 
  • The hotel is also part of Windward Hotel Management and therefore have certain reporting requirements for Head Office.  These reports have now all been streamlined so that every hotel within the Windward portfolio now produce Management Information in one consistent format and this was achieved through Right Revenue.

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