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Who do you think you are talking to?

Who do you think you are talking to? Do you know your customer? I am guessing that the answer would be a resounding ‘yes!’ but to be honest, when I dig a little deeper, the answer is usually a lot more tenuous than that. The reason why this is so important, is that you need […]

Take the Mr Men Approach to Reviews

The Mr Men Approach to Reviews TripAdvisor, whether your reviews are generally good or awful, we all hate it… It has become the bane of our lives and yet another thing that we have to analyse and review. And not only TripAdvisor but there are dozens of review sites in dozens of languages that are […]

The Trouble with Groups…

The trouble with groups… Few of us can escape the demands of group business and for most of us, it is a lucrative segment of our business.  Groups block multiple rooms, often over multiple nights and they spend in our bars and restaurants, but are we really managing this segment of our business properly? The […]

Big data or Relevant data (part 2)

Big data or Relevant data (part 2) Last week we looked at the first data points that I evaluate when starting to consider a rate strategy: Base Rate / Lead Times / Day Trends / Current Rate Levels / Market Segment Behaviour and ADR bySegment – so you can evaluate how your business will materialise. […]

Big data or Relevant data?

Big data or Relevant data? This week I was lucky enough to experience 3 of my favourite things all at one time: a fantastic hotel, great hotelier friends and rugby! I was taking part in Tourism NI’s event and was lucky enough to get to listen to two wonderful speakers – Mr Paul O’Connell – […]

Why, oh why, oh why….

Why, oh why, oh why…. Why do we do it?  Why do we give more and more control to the OTA’s and not learn to manage these relationships. As I have mentioned time and time again, I am not against OTA’s, in fact I think they are a fantastic way to market and sell your […]

Is Genius making an Idiot out of you?

Is Genius making an Idiot out of you? I am hoping that this article might be mute for all of you and that fewer and fewer hotels are convinced that Genius benefits their business, but lets look at some of the reasons hotels join and then why they definitely should leave… How hotels think that […] – the threat goes on… – the threat goes on… So they are at it again… As hoteliers, we know that this industry is always changing but just when we thought that couldn’t do any more to harm our business, they have recently upgraded their targeting to not only hit our business customers (we all know and hate […]

The A-Z of how to forecast

The A-Z of how to forecast I have been lucky enough to make a living and build a business on Revenue Management – a discipline I love and am passionate about but if I let you into a little secret… it isn’t rocket science (there, my secret is out!) But while it isn’t rocket science, […]

So… how was it for you?

So… how was it for you? Before the chocolate and Easter Bunny madness completely draws to a close, I would ask you to ask yourself this question: How was it for you? As hoteliers we often complain about the strangle-hold that the OTA’s have on our business and I am not for one moment dismissing […]